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Is your school or club is considering offering a hands-on study abroad experience? Are you a leader in a local community group who wants to take a trip to Costa Rica? Here is your chance to offer real life field studies experiences that are authentic and community based. Whether you are a university, high school, or birding or conservation club, we invite you to learn about the cultures and natural ecological systems, enjoy the natural wonders, protect the natural resources of the while contributing to the healthy development of local communities.
Talamanca is a dynamic, real-life laboratory. There are countless activities and presentations available to enhance the course work of learning institutions and other groups looking for educational travel immersion. We are happy to help you coordinate complete courses in order to provide first-hand experiences on a variety of themes:Service CocoPlanting

• Sustainable Development
• Tourism and Hospitality Studies
• Recreation and Sports
• Language and Communication (Interracial, Intercultural…)
• Alternative and Traditional Agriculture
• Service Learning
• Wildlife Management & Studies
• Health

Let the people of the forest and the coast be your teachers.
It is appropriate that the communities and the individuals involved in the dynamics of their lives share their experiences, knowledge, and ideas with the participants.

We can plan for you either just a few activities or complete packages. Complete packages at fair prices may include:
• Activities: Guest speakers, interviews, demonstrations, guided hikes, guided site visits–including protected areas and indigenous communities, visits to government offices and contact with local NGO’s, etc.
• Lodging in establishments that are responsible community members
• Meals that allow your group to experience local cuisine
• Safe transportation that economically benefits a variety of local drivers
• Experiences that expose participants to not just the beach culture, but to the mountain culture as well.  Learn about Afro-Caribbean, Indigenous, and Campesino ways of life .

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